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The Church Is NOT Perfect

●SCRIPTURE FOR THE WEEK: “praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”. Acts 2:47 NIV

The Church is not perfect, because people like you and I attend. That's why I say to those who like to point out the hypocrites in the Church - come on and join, you should feel right at home.

The Church is not only a sanctuary for saints; the Church is a hospital for sinners. When we are weak, worn, broken or sinful and struggling to make it to tomorrow, we need a church family. More than any other time in our lives, church needs to be a place where we find the presence and power of God. What really excites a church are changed lives.

It's not slick advertising and it's not marketing. The news gets out when God presence is visible and people's hearts and lives are transformed. Worship is not about gimmicks - Worship is not about instruments. Worship is about transformation. Worship is not about performance. Worship is about authentic praise to God. And when we worship in that way…. lives are changed.

Lots of things are happening in our church here on the corner. New paint, new vans, new programs, new events and new connections. But what is really awesome is to see the new faces, the new commitments, and the new excitement about seeing God’s fingerprints on this place!

SO, if you haven’t been around in a while… join us! If you’re in need of an awesome church family we’d like to ask you to attend. At Crossroads you’ll hear this resonate over and over again, “Jesus Christ is desperately in love with you.” We are not perfect but we are passionate about our Lord!

I am excited about what God is doing in our church, I hope you are too!

Life Out Loud! Pastor Steve

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